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How to switch your business electricity supplier

Its important to switch your business electric supplier on a regular basis, or at least when your current contract is expiring or has expired.

There are steps to take when switching business electric suppliers. Edan Power below have outlined the various steps that should be taken and how we can support you in doing this.

To switch your business electricity supplier you should:

  • Find your recent electricity contract or bill
  • Provide your details including your site address, your current supplier and the services you require to a comparison site like Edan Power
  • Start a quote and compare the best electricity deals to find the one that suits your business, factoring in any exit fees or other charges if your leave your current provider
  • We always advise you to pay off any outstanding bills before you make the switch to avoid any debit hanging over you.

We also ask for Meter Numbers which again can be found on your existing bills. MPAN is the Meter Point Administration Number for electricity, and MPRN is the Meter Point Reference Number for gas.

We work with you to try and find the best supplier.

Why switch your electricity supplier?

The most obvious reason for switching supplier is to get a better deal, but businesses often find themselves auto renewing without them checking whether it is the best deal for them. This is great in the short term when it is done for you without using your time, but in the long run it can cost you money and you may not get the best rate available.

If you don’t go out and get other quotes when your contract is either coming to and end or ends, then our will simply be switched onto the suppliers out of contract rates. These are normally much higher and can sometimes result in up to 50% increase in electricity prices. Electricity suppliers will not always chase you to switch or get new rates as its more beneficial to them to have you on the higher rate.

These rules don’t just apply to electricity contracts but also to gas. It is possible as a business customer for you to bundle both your gas and electricity together with one supplier to save money and make managing bills easier. This is known as a dual fuel tariff.

Edan Power help to make all of these steps as easy as possible and find you the right supplier for your business.

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